Exercise book 1.0

The traditional exercise book, doodled.

Our Exercise Book 1.0 has been created for any teachers and students who love our books, but don’t use WWW/EBI.

This book has been designed with the aim to help students improve their writing through self-directed learning; with pages of literacy tips and hints throughout.

My targets

Each book comes with 6 target boxes along with plenty of space allowing students to keep note of how and where they wish to improve.

Key words

Help students to develop their subject knowledge and vocabulary with our handy key words and definition note boxes.

Useful links

Students can keep track of any handy websites or books that have helped them to complete assignments – making it easier to locate these in the future.

Positive thinking

We have added a little bit of positivity to our exercise book 1.0 with two growth mindset quotes! Reminding students to try hard and make mistakes.

Tips for success

Working closely with schools and educators we have put together a list of rules and hints to help students keep their brand new exercise book looking great.

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My Notes

Exercise book 1.0 gives students a dedicated space to jot down their ideas and sketches.


There are certain words that all of us, at some point, have struggled to spell. Students can now keep a note of this in the “my misspelt words” section to improve their spelling.

Spelling tips

Eight super useful spelling tips designed to help students get the basics right; along with a brand new page of the 200 most commonly misspelled words – another great way to improve your students spelling!

Page numbers

Exercise book 1.0 comes with a small blank box in the bottom corner. A perfect place for students to write a page number so they can easily refer back to work later.


At the bottom of every page is the SPaG reminders. Encourage students to double check their work and tick off each section as they go. Once they’re confident they’re submitting their best work they tick the star, to show it’s ready to be marked!

2 Margins?

We have designed exercise book 1.0 to have two margins, giving educators and students a choice on how to use their new books. Use the bottom box, for feedback, reflection, questions, spelling, key facts, further steps, the possibilities are endless!

Designed to improve writing every lesson.

Available in a wonderful doodle blue!


68 a4 pages. 60 books per box.


250gsm colour fast covers with quality paper perfect for writing, sketching and hi-lighting work in. Now with a glued spine for extra durability.


Our exercise books are fully carbon balanced from print to delivery. Together in 2016 we saved over 5500 square metres of rainforest in Vietnam.

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