Exercise book 2.0

A Better Experience

Our Exercise book 2.0 was created to solve the problem of messy and illegible feedback in regular exercise books.

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Check list

A dated checklist box, reminding students to double check their work for the basics on every page.

Key words

A space for students to note words of interest and develop their expanding vocabulary.

Points & facts

Great for revision, this box helps students emphasise the key details of the topic.

Question - Responses

A box to make a note of further questions they’d like to explore, or to respond to teacher feedback.

What Went Well?

A dedicated space for teachers to give positive feedback on student work.

Feedback - EBI...

An area for teacher feedback specifically to engage students with how their work could be improved upon.

An exercise book 2.0 for every learning task.


68 a4 pages, with 2 pages for students ideas and doodles. 60 books per box.


250gsm colour fast covers with quality paper perfect for writing, sketching and hi-lighting work in. Now with a glued spine for extra durability.


Our exercise books are fully carbon balanced from print to delivery. Together in 2016 we saved over 5500 square metres of rainforest in Vietnam.

Order yours now!

Order a free sample now.

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Click here to work with the creators of the original feedback led exercise book.


My targets

Every book comes with 6 target boxes and plenty of space for students to note how they plan to improve.

Key words

Help students to develop their subject knowledge and vocabulary with our handy key words and definition note boxes.

Useful links

Make a note of that handy website or book that helped you complete your last assignment.

Spelling tips

We worked closely with English teachers to illustrate 8 top spelling tips, proven to help students to improve their written work.

Tips for success

Working closely with schools and educators we have put together a list of rules and hints to help students keep their brand new exercise book looking great.