Student planning. Doodled.

Jot is doodle’s termly answer to chunky student planners. It’s big enough to track your goals, small enough to pop in your blazer pocket and cool enough that you’ll actually want to use it!

New goals every term.

Jot encourages students to set, strive for and achieve targets from page one, with space dedicated to helping them fulfil their potential each and every term.

Space to develop thoughts and ideas.

We think it’s super important for students to write and draw their ideas, interests, thoughts, inspirations and other exciting things that could spark further learning.

Tracking homework, learning, ideas, feelings and reflection

There is space on every page for students to note the important things from their day, whatever that may be, including homework, learning and reflection.

How do you feel today?

Jot encourages students to be mindful with daily prompts to reflect on their mood. With greater self awareness students can give more thought to their sense of wellbeing. What went well today? Tomorrow could be even better if…


Jot is 130x210mm with 66 individual day pages. It’s big enough to track the important things and small enough to pop in your blazer pocket.


Jot is made from durable card and paper. It’s tough enough to last a busy term, covering day to day life at school.


Jot is 100% carbon balanced, from print to delivery. Using Jot instead of regular planners can help reduce your school’s carbon footprint!


60p per termly planner. We pack them in boxes of 40, enough for a full class + a few spares.
A cool, carbon balanced useful student planner for £1.80 a year. Bargain!

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